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CC-5000 Clinical Centrifuge

CC-5000 Clinical Centrifuge

SKU: SLA-CC-5000

SLA-CC-5000 Centrifuge is equipped with a brushless DC motor for a long-lasting efficiency. The instrument has an LCD display to monitor the status and mode of use, a microcomputer controlling time settings and speed changes flawlessly. It’s the ideal equipment applicable for clinic test, biochemistry, immunology, etc. used within sections including medical health, food, environment, scientific research, teaching and biochemical tests.

  • Technical Data

    Rated speed:


    Speed accuracy


    Maximum capacity


    Running mode

    Timing / Continuous / Short

    Timing range

    10s-99mins59s increment 1S/1min (fast turning speed dial)

    Rotor type

    12-bore angle rotor / 24-bore angle rotor

    Safety function

    Lid interlock, monitor for lid open/close condition, overspeed protection, automatic internal-diagnostics

    Driving Motor

    Brushless DC motor

    Input voltage

    Single Phase 100-240V (50-60Hz)

    Input power


    Output power


    Noise level


    Acc/DEC Acceleration

    Fast (accelerate to Max Speed <23S)

    Slow (accelerate to max speed <66S)


    Fast (decelerate to stop <23S)

    Slow (decelerate to stop <66S)

    Normal (according to the specimen mass)



    Net weight


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